Lynx FarScight – Avalon AirShow 2017 Launch

ScientificAerospace are proudly launching their Lynx FarScight at Avalon Airshow on the 3rd of March 2017. Lynx FarScight is ScientificAerospace’s next generation, long endurance, high precision surveying solution. Capable of flying missions in excess of 2.5 hours and performing direct georeferencing of the photo locations with centimetre accuracy, employing ScientificAerospace’s proprietary PPK GNSS correction software 4Precision. For […] Source: sUAS Feed

Beyond Visual Line of Sight Operations for UAS Authorised – A Canadian Milestone

Unmanned Systems Canada is pleased to announce a milestone in Canadian aviation history, with the commencement on 24 February 2017 of regular Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) small Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) flights in civil airspace. Ventus Geospatial of Lethbridge/Calgary, Alberta is the first company to meet the stringent criteria required to fly a […] Source: sUAS Feed

Use the LostMyDrone app to help recover your missing drone with help from the community

AIS (Arctic Innovative Solutions) have now released a new drone app called LostMyDrone , where users can post theire lost drone in the app and hopfully by doing this it can be found at the earliest stage. Each year disappears drones around the world due to interference, pilot mistake or equipment failure. Many drones can […] Source: sUAS Feed

In defense of desktop: why desktop is essential for drone mapping in agriculture

If you want an NDVI map while you’re still in the field, cut out a potentially long upload to the cloud and start processing directly in Pix4Dag desktop. Part 1: How quickly can you go from landing to processing? With a predicted population jump to 9 billion by 2050, and therefore a corresponding 70% increase in […] Source: sUAS Feed

Achieving Widespread Drone Usage in Agriculture

Agriculture once seemed to be the most promising industry for drones to disrupt, but slow adoption has forced many drone companies to look elsewhere for faster returns. While drones have so far not made extensive headway onto farms, it is clear to me that they perfectly complement the precision agriculture technology that is steadily taking […] Source: sUAS Feed

Drone America UAV, delivers emergency supplies with thirty nine mile flight in Nevada

The Nevada Drone Industry set a new long-distance record for aerial package delivery flying a fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) under beyond line of sight conditions.  The backdrop was an urban environment set among the scenic area of Walker Lake with the Nevada-headquartered Drone America flight team flying more than 39 miles to deliver a […] Source: sUAS Feed

DRI unmanned cloud-seeding Savant realizes beyond visual line of sight

Nevada’s unmanned cloud-seeding research team today realised another fundamental capability in its effort toward enhancing snowfall in mountainous regions of the West. Flown at Hawthorne Industrial Airport under Nevada UAS Test Sites Certificate of Authorization (COA) and led by the Desert Research Institute (DRI) flight operations node, the Drone America Savant unmanned aircraft reached an […] Source: sUAS Feed

FAA Releases Updated Drone Sighting Reports

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today released an updated list of pilot, air traffic controller, law enforcement and citizen reports of potential drone sighting with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) – more popularly called “drones”. The latest data cover February through September 2016. Reports of possible drone sightings to FAA air traffic facilities continued to increase during FY 2016. […] Source: sUAS Feed

TeraRanger Tower for Drone Anti-Collision

Sensor and sensing solutions company, Terabee, has released a new video showing how their alternative to traditional rotating LiDAR scanners, the TeraRanger Tower, can be used to perform drone collision avoidance against a wall. Based on APM 3.5, they’ve written drivers allowing the TeraRanger Tower to feed data to the autopilots’ object avoidance code-base. Terabee […] Source: sUAS Feed

AirMap and senseFly partner to advance safety for commercial drones

AirMap, the world’s leading airspace management platform for drones, and senseFly, the world’s first choice producer of mapping drones, today announced that they have partnered to deliver AirMap’s airspace services to senseFly’s eBee fixed wing drones and albris quadcopter. AirMap’s airspace platform services will be directly integrated into senseFly’s eMotion flight and data management software, […] Source: sUAS Feed